New KRAUT dressed Brats and Dogs people like them and return for more

All of a sudden Kraut Brats and Kraut Dogs are getting much more attention when I remove the lid and folks can see the Brats and Dogs simmering in the Kraut instead of offering the Kraut on the side. Selling lots more of em.

Now I’m getting ready to offer Slaw Dogs with my secret “COLESLAW RECIPE.” What about a “McCheese Dog” for the kids. This has to become famous!!! Macaroni and Cheese on a dog, “WOW!”. 

Trying to get up the nerve to offer “ICE COLD LEMON SHAKE-UPS.”. Wondering how long I can shake? 


Come by Walgreens in Fruita and give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.
We have 2 Dog combos with chips and Pepsi for $5
We also serve a 2 Brat combo with Chips and Pepsi for $6
We have several free condiments
Chili and Kraut  .50 extra

Ya’ll come see us now hear!!!

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